I have known Lucille for over 10 years and regard her as being one of the key providers on my journey of healing. She has guided me to make the decisions that needed to made with ease.

Being a coach and working with clients on shifting their mindset means that sometimes, my energy field is depleted. By working with Lucille I have learnt how to manage this myself to keep the energy flow high.

Lucille is an extraordinary woman. I love her expertise, her openness, warmth and caring nature. She is without a doubt one of the best in her field.

I know my journey with Lucille will continue for many years yet. It is not often that you meet someone who you can totally connect with on so many levels and who is an inspiration to others.

I have also had the privilege of working with David. Both our son and daughter were having some difficulties adjusting to school and we engaged David to do some remote work on both. The differences in them both were very noticeable. The things we were having challenges with were no longer an issue and both children were calmer within themselves.

What I love about working with David is that he is very approachable and transparent. He called and took me through what he had done after every session and where we could make a difference as well. He answered my questions and was able to interpret what I thought the issues were and show me where to look for differences. I felt so comfortable having David work remotely on our children.

I love the power of this work and have and will continue to recommend and Lucille and David to those who I encounter along my journey who would benefit from their expertise.

I am looking forward to doing more intensive work with the Diamond Healing cards and being able to be trained in this work.

Thank you Lucille and David. Love your work !

Rebecca Morris,
Paradigm Shift

Before working with Lucille, there were some definite patterns in my business and personal life that were repeating themselves and causing me to feel “stuck.” I lived by everybody else’s rules but my own. I couldn’t say no. I undercharged for my services (and actually felt compelled to give everything away for free). Despite having a high level of awareness, all of my previous attempts at moving beyond these obstacles had been unsustainable.

It had never occurred to me that I might have pent up emotional energy much less that it needed releasing. Within a three-month period, Lucille was able to help me connect with my true self and finally realize breakthroughs in my business and life that had been eluding me all of these years and decades.

Despite being on opposite sides of the world, the wonders of technology allowed Lucille and I to connect via Skype for our sessions. I had an instant connection with her, and trusted her guidance from the get-go. I can’t recommend Lucille highly enough, and feel immensely grateful to have discovered her.

Thanks for the important work that you do!

Carolyn Coffin
Health Coach, Canada

Every time I have had a session with Lucille I have found her amazingly intuitive as to what is going on with me.

She has this incredible ability to see the fundamental you and what is knocking you off course (usually yourself) in life. She then has an uncanny ability to boil it down to the simplest terms so that you have something you can go away and work on from your new perspective. Every time Lucille has identified root causes to feelings and behaviours and every time I have felt energised and uplifted with a new clarity on where I have come from and where I need to go. Her ability to crystallise complex issues into basic building blocks in such a short time is truly mind-blowing. I couldn’t recommend her more highly to help you with any life or work issues you face.

Thexton Armstrong Broadfoot

Facets of Diamonds Workshop

This is the Master Class where we discover the Master Rule that drives our lives. Presented by Lucille and David, Masters in a league of their own in an environment conducive to letting go.

This 3 day event was challenging, emotional, confronting, insightful, comforting and finally exciting as we worked our way to understanding and knowing we can have Mastery of our Future if we should choose it.

This workshop is NOT to be missed. Thank you Lucille and David I loved every minute of it

Annie Aubrey

‘The workshop with Lucille and David was really eye opening. I realised my boundaries are quite integral in my life and I haven’t been setting them very well as a result of not setting them very well inside. I was in a period of significant confusion and it really helped me to become more clear, focussed and relaxed. I would definitely recommend going to the Facets of Diamond Workshop!’


Diamond Cards

Diamond Cards – without doubt the best healing, personal growth tool I have ever invested in. I was not good at meditation, fairly new to “healing” but have read many books on personal development and personal growth.

The Diamond cards and readings in the book are able to connect me with my true authentic self in a short space of time, I now understand why I do what I do, why I feel what I feel, why I react how I do, what a relief, it all makes such sense.

The techniques are simple but very effective, the explanations thorough, accurate and written in just a few short pages per card. I can meditate on a card, the written words, complete the exercises and get true understanding, connect to where I am operating from and move to a state of empowerment.

As a busy executive I am often (like the rest of us) time poor, to be able to get such clarity in approximately 30 minutes a day is fantastic, Diamond cards are now an integral part of my daily routine, seriously consider making them part of yours.

Sonia Thursby
Chief Executive

WOW WOW WOW…I recently purchased Lucille’s Diamond healing set, book and cards. I have been floored by the accuracy of these cards! Every question I have asked the cards has been answered dead smack on and to the point every time. I repeatedly kept getting the same card over and over again no matter how many times I shuffled them. Today something magic happened that just blew me away….I popped my cards away in a neat perfect pile by my bedside table, I turned away for two seconds, look at my deck of cards and there was a card sticking out half way!! There was no logical reason how that could have happened, NONE! and guess what!! It was the same card I kept getting…My eyes welled, I have never had such evidence that I wasn’t alone. Thankyou Lucille, so much love and intention has gone into creating your book and cards, the evidence can’t help but show up!..VERY POWERFUL!!

Terry Connell,
Harcourts and Cooper Real Estate, Auckland