We often don’t understand the potent force of grief in our lives.

Although grieving is a natural part of our lives we are never taught how deal with it. From losing a best friend at school or a precious toy to the loss of innocence or loved ones (including our beloved pets) those moments leave an imprint on our hearts. Whatever our loss, a week or so off work or school and then we are often expected to carry on as normal or we are given a wide berth. Our grief gets locked away. However any grief that has been locked away will eventually affect our ability to open up to intimacy, feel safe or trusting in life.

Use the self-check quiz below to see if grief is affecting your life.

Is this you?

  • Do you lack motivation and can’t be bothered
  • Has life lost it’s meaning?
  • Do you struggle with confusion?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel overly tired?
  • Do you react to situations or people in a highly emotional way?
  • Do you fear loss?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you feel rejected?

Have you suffered any of the following losses in your life?

  • Loss of Job or Career
  • Loss of Home
  • Loss of Relationships through death, divorce or betrayal
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Loss of Independence
  • Abandonment
  • Humiliation

If you experienced any of these events and feelings then grief for past experiences may be affecting your life. In grief, you experience loss, and this is hard to bear. When you have lost someone you love or your health, or the job that pays the bills, how do you carry on? How you do make your life whole when there is a hole at the core? In your loss, your future, dreams and hopes disappear. Instead, a landscape of emptiness appears where what you loved once lived. In grief you lose the vision of what you thought your life would be. The power of grief can stop you in your tracks and you don’t realise that you are still standing in the same place years later. You are unable to move forward while you try to hold on to precious memories of what life was and could have been, or try to protect yourself from the hurt that loss has left behind.

In grief you often have to forgive yourself for words left unsaid and for the choices you made. In the end it is the loss of your sense of self, of what the world was meant to be and who you were within it, that leaves you disoriented. Who were you before your loss took your energy and motivation away?

Like all of life’s experiences, grief is a journey. When the shape of your world has changed, you are being challenged to start on a new path. This is difficult when what you once loved isn’t included on that path, however your life will only become whole when you take the new road. Using the Diamond Process will help you to release your grief and honour the impact of loss on your life. You will be able to re-engage in your life’s journey, embracing all that life has to offer. Understand your grief to restore your connection to the feeling of love.

The Diamond Process will help you to…

Learn how to acknowledge, honour and manage your loss effectively
Learn the powerful technique of Tuning In to release feelings quickly and effectively
Make sense of your life’s journey by connecting to a deeper spiritual path within
Discover simple empowering practices to help you restructure your world
Embrace a new path mindfully