The Law of Attraction: Creating an Abundant Life


Are you into the Law of Attraction?

The law simply states that you attract everything coming into your life and it’s attracted to you by what you think, your mental images- in fact whatever is going on in your mind. (From ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne). Essentially you attract experiences at the level that you operate at.



Are you attracting any of the following and if so why?

Workplace bullies

If you are attracting a workplace bully, what thoughts are attracting that person into your life? What does that person make you feel? What insecurities does that person highlight for you? Have you attracted that person to help you deal with you past, find the ability to speak up for yourself or to leave an unsatisfactory job?


Workplace inefficiency

Are you totally frustrated by workplace chaos? Does it reflect your feeling of being overwhelmed? Or do opposites attract, and you are ready to create calm for those around you.

Workplace Envy

Have you missed out on a job or promotion and wondered why the other person got the job and not you? What are your thoughts and feelings when you compare yourself to others? Or are you the high achiever who suffers imposter syndrome? You might be attracting people who always question everything you suggest – because you question yourself.


Workplace Responsibilities

Resentment and frustration about how much you do, how much time you spend at work, how much other people do, are usually good indicators that you need to establish balance. Pay attention to those thoughts and feelings that let you know you have crossed your own boundaries and have taken on too much responsibility at work.

Lack of Clients

Have you got a great service or product that no one is buying? You have attracted an empty space. Why have you attracted this empty place where sales should be. What do you want the space for and what does the space protect? Is the space protecting you in some form? Look at the thoughts or feelings about your lack of sales to understand what you are attracting and why.


Creating an Abundant Life

The Law of Attraction is usually associated with creating an abundant life. If you want abundance you have to become aware of the level you operate in life. To attract abundance you have to learn skills. I might want to run the marathon, but to run it comfortably I have to learn how to run for five hours. It’s the same with abundance learn the skills associated with what you want. Those skills are based in the physical, emotional and mental areas of life.

For a minute, reflect and take stock of the world you have created. Now think about what you want to create and how you can change the relationship you have with that area of life. Note the physical, mental and emotional work you need to do in order to bring that dream to life. Now structure your world around these new boundaries in your life. Then look up to see what you made or attracted to you.


The Law of Attraction isn’t passive. Use the Law of Attraction to create awareness and then let it work for you.


Lucille Henry PhD.