Diamond Cards

The Diamond Card System is the essential everyday tool kit for your journey to self-awareness.

The systems consists of a beautifully boxed set containing 58 cards, a 400 page  explanatory book and links to online audio meditations to help guide through the Diamond Process.  Each card you choose (by intuition) helps you to discover the facets of your  limitations.

Packed with wisdom and insights let the cards help you become the person you wish to be.

Diamond Cards
$44.95 incl GST


Audio Diamonds

Audio Diamonds are live recordings of the Tuning In to Higher Levels of Consciousness meditation/healing groups held monthly in Auckland.

These recordings are very suitable for meditation purposes.  Press pause when invited to explore your inner world.

Disclaimers for Use
While listening to these meditations, please do not drive, or use heavy machinery.  Also note that these meditations are aimed to enhance emotional well-being. They are not a replacement for any medical or psychological attention you may require.

  • Receiving and Manifesting – It is only when you focus on creating a new venture or relationship that you truly understand the relationship you have with yourself. 

    In this audio discover the hidden rules, patterns and beliefs that govern your life.  Identifying the hidden emotional needs that block your path forward will help you to release them.  You are ready to create the life you want.

  • Release your JudgementsIn this audio explore the purpose behind each judgement you make.

    We use judgement to decide on appropriate action for a balanced and harmonious live. However in reality, a judgement based on the past is not always relevant to your present or your future. Explore how your judgements may be creating a cage around you limiting your experience of life. Learn how to connect to what is true for you and live out your true purpose in life.

  • The World of Energy Exchangeare you tired of being surrounded by people who are draining your energy or don’t give back? Have you lost a sense of self?

    In this healing meditation explore the world of energy exchange in relationships. Discover the hidden contracts you have created with others order to receive love. Learn how to create deep, lasting and powerful relationships.