It can be our hardest challenge in life to truly allow another person into our lives.

Do you recognise any of the feelings below?

  • Are you struggling to be heard in your relationship?
  • Do you imagine different scenarios where your partner is deceased?
  • Do you struggle with letting people become close to you?
  • Do you fear that if you are vulnerable with others they will use the information you share with them against you?
  • Are you tired of being single and are still struggling to find a partner?
  • Do you feel you never get your way in your relationship or that you missed out?
  • Do you wish for more intimacy in your partnership or friendships?

If you do, then the foundations of your relationships are based in a fragile identity. You may not recognise that at the core of your problem is a sense of self that  does not feel strong inside. Instead you see the problems in your relationships as the other persons fault or, if you are single,  not finding the right person (all the good ones are taken). But relationships (or lack of them) have a way of highlighting truth. The ‘truth’ may be that  you are grieving for a past loss,  you are  unable to move on, you never observed a happy loving relationship in your childhood, or you struggle to set healthy boundaries with others. Whatever the contributing factors that underlie your relationships, the outcome is the same. The rules by which you establish your relationships are incorrectly set. As a result you are giving other people and the world around you the wrong information about what you want.

To create an intimate and  loving partnership you must understand your own needs in order to set the rules in  which healthy and loving relationships thrive.

The Diamond Process will help you to…

Uncover the hidden contracts that form the basis your relationships
Identify and overcome your patterns in relationships
Become friends with yourself
Discover and connect to your highest goals and aspirations
Release your fears of intimacy
Help you to create the powerful foundations of loving, lasting relationships
Learn powerful meditative techniques that will help you to create aligned and mindful relationships