Problem Addictions

Are you concerned about the influence any of the following behaviour in your life?

Do you suffer the following?

  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Overuse of alcohol through daily need or binge drinking
  • Your relationship to food and eating
  • Dependence on drugs or substances
  • Spend more hours on your computer than with family and friends
  • Feel disconnected and disorientated without your smartphone or computer
  • Are a workaholic?

If any of the above is a problem for you, then you suffer from a build-up of feelings. At heart you are a highly sensitive being who is protecting a core emotional wound stored within. This emotional wound has distorted your sense of self and disconnected you from feeling self-esteem and self-love.   As a result you struggle to acknowledge and express your feelings appropriately. Learning to identify, express and release what you feel is at the heart of your journey. Embrace the skills required to deal with your  feelings and you will enjoy the love that is at the core of your being.

Learn how the Diamond Process,  One on One healing and coaching, The Diamond Process Journey and The Diamond Card System can support your journey to wholeness.

The Diamond Process will help you to…

Understand the core behaviours and patterns that underlie your addiction
Learn how to manage stress and anxiety and other powerful feelings
Learn to how to love You
Learn the power of setting boundaries in your world
Discover simple empowering practices to help you restructure your world
Make sense of your life’s journey by connecting to a deeper spiritual path within