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Diamond Healing is a healing philosophy that evokes powerful individual change through the facilitation and flow of emotions and energy.

We understand the power that pain has to transform life, and we want to help you achieve your dreams by resetting your emotional and spiritual boundaries, creating powerful relationships with friends, family and colleagues, finding the right partner and manifesting financial abundance.


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What we do

Diamond Healing was founded on the idea that the Diamond is a symbol of your identity and sense of self.  We must uncover our different facets of identity before we are able to grow and evolve. Self-awareness is fundamental to self-development, and this can be achieved using a combination of meditation and energy balancing techniques. Like all other body functions such as temperature and weight we have a set point for our self-image and identity. For example, we all have a collection of memories we can’t ever forget or let go of, and these are what create the set points for what we know our identity and self-image to be.

The Diamond Process

The Diamond Process is the healing method behind Diamond Healing, developed by Lucille Henry PhD and David Gibson after more than 16 years of working with thousands of clients from all walks of life (business executives, artists, coaches, parents and many more).

The Diamond Process uses a unique combination of exploration, awareness and meditation to help you understand who you are, clarify what you want and what is your why.  These unique identifiers form a tight template of rules and boundaries which create your experiences in life. To create change you have to understand which rule you need to break. Using the Diamond Process you can access, adjust and dissolve any rules that block your path to peace of mind and personal success.

  • Overcome emotional blocks

  • Reduce stress

  • Develop confidence

  • Create abundance and profitability

  • Nurture fulfilling relationships

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Diamond Cards

The Diamond Cards are divinely sourced and are packed with wisdom and insight. They were originally created in response to the demand from Lucille’s clients requesting for her work be in a written form and accessible at any time, and are perfect for the DIYers who want to take control of their own journey to self-awareness.

They act as a mirror for your subconscious on your healing journey to experience self-love. Insights gained by looking into your subconscious help you identify the many facets of your personality, patterns of behaviour and core beliefs that make you who you are. The fundamental teaching of these cards is that you and the world. Your experience of the world is the sum of your thoughts, your feelings, your judgements and your perceptions. The origin of these judgements and perceptions may be hidden from view but when revealed they are both powerful and creative.

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WOW WOW WOW…I recently purchased Lucille’s Diamond healing set, book and cards. I have been floored by the accuracy of these cards! Every question I have asked the cards has been answered dead smack on and to the point every time. I repeatedly kept getting the same card over and over again no matter how many times I shuffled them. Today something magic happened that just blew me away….I popped my cards away in a neat perfect pile by my bedside table, I turned away for two seconds, look at my deck of cards and there was a card sticking out half way!! There was no logical reason how that could have happened, NONE! and guess what!! It was the same card I kept getting…My eyes welled, I have never had such evidence that I wasn’t alone. Thankyou Lucille, so much love and intention has gone into creating your book and cards, the evidence can’t help but show up!..VERY POWERFUL!!
Terry, Harcourts and Cooper Real Estate
I love using your Diamond Cards Lucille. When I open the book it’s like it has been written specifically for me; totally identifying right then and there with me and my journey. I make sure to really linger on the message and interpretation, and return I derive genuine comfort and clarity from the cards. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful gift.
The workshop with Lucille and David was really eye opening. I realised my boundaries are quite integral in my life and I haven’t been setting them very well as a result of not setting them very well inside. I was in a period of significant confusion and it really helped me to become more clear, focussed and relaxed. I would definitely recommend going to the Facets of Diamond Workshop!
Before working with Lucille, there were some definite patterns in my business and personal life that were repeating themselves and causing me to feel “stuck.” I lived by everybody else’s rules but my own. I couldn’t say no. I undercharged for my services (and actually felt compelled to give everything away for free). Despite having a high level of awareness, all of my previous attempts at moving beyond these obstacles had been unsustainable.

It had never occurred to me that I might have pent up emotional energy much less that it needed releasing. Within a three-month period, Lucille was able to help me connect with my true self and finally realize breakthroughs in my business and life that had been eluding me all of these years and decades.

Despite being on opposite sides of the world, the wonders of technology allowed Lucille and I to connect via Skype for our sessions. I had an instant connection with her, and trusted her guidance from the get-go. I can’t recommend Lucille highly enough, and feel immensely grateful to have discovered her.

Thanks for the important work that you do!

Carolyn, Health Coach, Canada