Let Go of Your Judgements to See the Truth

Your Higher Self is asking you to view an event, situation or person differently. At the moment your perception is clouding your judgement and you are missing the opportunities being presented to you. Each opportunity is here to help you understand and see yourself in a way you have never been allowed: centred, powerful, loved and connected in flow.

When you judge events, situations and people, you create a line or space between you and what you judge. That line says you are different from what you are judging. You create a sense of safety by seeing the difference between your and another’s actions, between how you and they conduct their lives. Through invisible lines of judgement ‘those’ people and events are kept safely at a distance, across town, in other countries or societies. In judgement you provide in your mind solutions where you ‘know better’. You have the values and wisdom to put the world to rights. In this way you keep from facing your judgement of self. This holds your fragile identity in place – what you know and value is kept safe.

This form of judgement points a finger as a defence: ‘If the other person hadn’t done “this” I wouldn’t have done “that” ’. When you judge the other person you make them responsible for your reaction. In the illogic of judgement, cause and effect are dissociated. You do not associate any of your feelings with your own values, perception or actions because your judgement tells you the cause is out there, the blame is given to someone or something else.

But consider the possibility that if you didn’t judge there would be no separation between your subject of interest and yourself – the line you have drawn between yourself and the other person would not exist. Without this line of separation your identity would feel threatened, filling you with feelings of insecurity. In your fear of judgement, you may draw a fine line between yourself and what you judge for safety but you are actually linked to precisely what you judge. In fact there is no separation but more an extension of who you are and the life you live. The line of judgement you draw is based on your value system, your focus and your ability to perceive; your rules, your judgement and your safety.

In choosing this card your Higher Self is asking you to re-examine the way you judge the people and world around you. Your judgement is separating and dividing your inner self. Underlying any of your internal conflicts are the judgements that cloud your perception and prevent you from finding the solutions you seek. In your judgement you have forgotten that you are at the centre and a participant of what you judge. Instead of creating for you the freedom you seek, your judgement is tying you to all that you criticise. With all its lines and divisions your judgement is creating a cage limiting what you experience and what you receive.

Instead of passing judgement through your wounds, past or limited mind-set, see judgement for what it is: a link to the boundaries of your identity and its rules of safety. These are the aspects of self-judgement your Higher Self is asking you to heal. In the release of your judgements – whether they are sealed in your feelings of powerlessness, anger or fear – you will forge a new sense of self. The emotional connection between yourself and another person or situation created through your judgement will be dissolved. Let go of your fear and the love that is waiting behind your judgement will flow in abundance.

See each of your judgements as a point of interconnectedness between yourself and another. Where you judge is where you are linked, and at the moment your interconnectedness is like a tangled ball of wool. Your lines of judgement – envy, anger, resentment or superiority – have crossed over and created all sorts of knots tying yourself up or tying you to people and situations. As a result you experience a struggle to knit and weave the life you want. The creative flow of love stops at every knot. The key again is to understand that when you judge others is where you are also harsh in your judgement of yourself.

Ultimately judgement is the tool of compassion. Your Higher Self asks you to find the boundary of yourself that needs to heal. Behind your judge-ment is compassion. Those who trigger our judgement the most lead us to where we will most feel love – the opposite of what we believe. When we judge, we are in fear. Love is what you feel in the absence of fear. Once you stop judging yourself, the past, or person who wounded you, you will find the purpose of your journey is to experience this love. Compassion for being human is your gateway to freedom. Once you feel compassion, your need to protect yourself through judgement will be released and the flow of love will be restored.

You can’t force compassion that is futile because you will miss the point of the creative force behind your judgement. To find compassion you simply need to identify the point of contact between yourself and the other person (or situation) because this point of self-judgement asks only to be acknowledged in order for the flow of love to be restored. It is in this space of awareness that you will find yourself.

Search your life for the seeds of your judgement. At first you may not see all the rules you have inherited from your parents, caregivers, school teachers. When you become aware of where you judge yourself and others you will discover where the seeds are planted. Let these judgements be your link straight to the core of yourself. They will give you the information you seek – the rules that make up the inventory of your identity – the rules you live by that are limiting your perception and life. Some of your rules are working well for you. However, some are not and you are being asked to reset these particular boundaries of your identity through how you acknowledge yourself and what is important to you, how you convey that information both to yourself and others, how you use your voice to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, how you share in order to keep yourself safe. In your awareness of where you judge, you will be able to set new boundaries of love around the parts of yourself that are not healed. In building these new skills you will find your compassion – compassion for the situation you are in and for the person who has created these circumstances for you.

Don’t sit on the high bench pronouncing your judgements, as you will always be alone. Instead wake up to the glories of your judgement. Let each judgement help you to identify the ways in which you are disconnected from the Source of who you are. When you find that part of yourself through your judgement of another, the knot of wool will unravel, and flow between you and the other person will be restored so that your individual strands of wool can now be woven together into a tapestry of combined beauty and strength. In this way you spread a ripple of healing onto those around you. Use your judgement as a light on the path to love. You are ready to perceive the world through the eyes of love. Compassion is your path to understanding yourself as the centred, powerful and loved self that you are and to experience that connection and flow.