You Are the Stars, You Are the Birds

You are ready to see the world around you through the eyes of love. You are the stars, the birds and the heavens; you are the ground beneath and the mountain tops.

You have come to completion in a major period of growth in your life, and if you allow this to happen you will experience the oneness of all life. Whether you chose self-esteem or a business venture as your goal, everything that you have worked for is now integrating into your being. It is now all coming together for you. Celebrate as you start to live your dream. Your dream is the start of a new path, new opportunities, and new ways of experiencing love.

The opposite of being at one is to be divided, fractured or to be opposed in resistance. Rarely are hearts and minds in agreement, as they have oppo-site jobs. The mind works as an assessor of all information and computes all of your sensory information to grade all experiences through a filter of safety. You indirectly relive every past experience every day when your brain compares current experiences to your past experiences. The quality and grade given to the current experience tells you whether it is safe (or when) to connect to a person or experience. The job of your heart is to give the experience of love, and this feeling is designed to create a connection.

When we look through the eyes of the mind, we are constantly assessing information, grading and sifting. Looking through the eyes of love is indiscriminate. Think of those simple moments when love is present: the wonderful feeling of falling in love, seeing your baby for the first time, the sheer pleasure when you have completed a project dear to your heart that you think is good; the teacher who sees a child’s eyes light up when they understand. There are many moments like these when we just connect; in that moment there is no thought, there is no filter assessing the amount or limit of love that we will give and receive in this situation. We open up and we connect. Love is the pure flow of energy from one heart to another.

Can you imagine living that way, not worrying about what others think, that although you haven’t had any evidence recently you know and trust that all is ok? Today you may have worried yourself sick about whether your pay cheque came through, and yet in choosing this card you are close to that place – knowing that all is ok or that you are in this moment at one with all around you. In this place, your mind has switched off and it is perfectly still. Your heart is flowing and you know peace. You experience everything in alignment with your inner core. What about starting to think of this way of being as the normal state from which at any given moment you can access this energy that flows from love? When you recognise that you are off-centre you will be able to connect back into your core. You start to think of and experience these moments of connection as normal. What used to be normal, the moments of resistance that hit to disconnect you from Source, have now become rare. When you see the world around you through the eyes of love you are living fully without disclaimers, no longer ready to withdraw with your reasons to disconnect behind every conversation.

You see, you wouldn’t need any special mantras, or processes to clear up your fear. If you felt off-centre, if you disconnected from Source, from your core, your awareness of self would listen to the message that your inner self has sent you. You would say, ‘I recognise I am off-centre. I have unlinked from my core and when I pay attention to the message that comes from my core and act on it; I will link straight back to that inner stillness.’ In that moment you would feel the movement of flow.

Be prepared that resistance will return. The next time a relationship hasn’t worked out or the bill arrives in the post, your brain may go back to its old way of thinking and assessing through its outdated filters of safety. But know in this moment that your heart is available to you, you hold a feeling of connectedness, being at one with your life and what it brings. You are totally in flow.