Let Go of Your Fear

In choosing this card you still allow your fear to prevent you from creating the life you want. Your Higher Self is asking you to acknowledge that your inner self is communicating with you through your fear. Pay attention to the signal that your inner self has given you to dissolve your fear and connect to the true self within.

Fear is based in the potential for loss. You fear what you may lose such as a sense of self, an identity, your reputation, the loss of a relationship, money or time. Fear shows up in our lives in different ways. Sometimes fear is a signal that an immediate threat like a snarling tiger is at hand. The loss of a job, the ability to make rent or mortgage payment, not enough money to buy food, public speaking, final exams, the end of a relationship, suffering a life-threatening illness, and so on, are all threats that have the potential to create loss or are life altering. These real and immediate dangers can create a strong fear response.

Other times fear is created through the natural and positive process where-by the brain is fully engaged assessing and predicting future outcomes based on past events or beliefs. In these predictions the brain tends to highlight the most difficult events of your past to ensure that you do not go through these situations again. The information culled from these events creates the bubble of your existence. Inside the bubble are all the rules that you live by, rules based on the beliefs created by these past experiences ranging from ‘It’s my job to look after everyone’, ‘I am really good at my job’, to ‘earning money is a struggle’, ‘I’m not allowed to raise my voice’, ‘its selfish to talk about myself ’, ‘it’s not safe to shine/excel’, and so on. The brain’s function of keeping you safe forecasts based on your red-alert experiences and sub-sequent beliefs, which oftentimes cause your brain to project fear inducing doomsday scenarios.

Holding this bubble firmly in place is a protective band beyond which is the unknown. The band is vigilant in its watch for the red alerts. It is not concerned with the positive events of your past because they present no potential danger and have no red flags attached. The purpose of fear is survival and protection of your DNA, of your physical body as well as keeping you safe from what your mind believes will harm you and preserving all that you are (your identity). And although in this way the purpose of fear is positive, it can also stop you from moving beyond the protective band that keeps your bubble of safety in place.

The information your fear gives you – the images connecting through your emotions – is designed to produce immediate and life-preserving action. The biological and primitive fear response, which produces the fight/flight/freeze impulse, is a short sharp burst of activity. The symptoms of panic, a racing pulse, a feeling of being disconnected and isolated, combine to give you the red alert emotional signal designed to make you act. A mother will run at super speed to remove her child from harm’s way.

However, the primitive part of the human brain responsible for this heightened response is also constantly seeing danger in situations that are not life-threatening. The result is you believe in the illusions of these forecasts because the response to fear is primitive and from a place of survival. When you engage in the forecasts and images you give them an emotional reality.

These illusions have a healing function as well. They are there to give the thinking part of your brain very important but hidden information that tells you the rules you live by, your capabilities, what skills you lack and what your beliefs are. Essentially these illusions point you to your boundaries, to the protective band at the edge of your bubble. You experience fear precisely because you feel you don’t have access to the resources you need either internally or externally for emotional balance and safety. And so you are likely to approach life full of doubt, always questioning ‘Am I good enough? Does my boss think I am doing a good job? Will I get a promotion? Will I pass my examinations? Is my job safe? Will I find a new job? Will I meet a new partner?’, and so on. You have not yet learned to recognise that the information you are being given through your fear is designed to help you access the resource (Source) you need to learn new skills, set new boundaries and enter the dance of intimacy that you seek.

You and so many other people who respond from this primitive place re-main in the cycle of fear. Disconnected by your fear from flow, from Source, you become isolated and disoriented. You unlink from the flow of energy that provides the answers and the help you need. You lose the connection to your inner core and Source. You are in the mode of survival – the survival of your identity, survival of your safety, and so on. Survival is based on ‘enough’ – on crossing the line of ‘enough’. Everything that is done is just ‘enough’ so that if you struggle to meet bills, when you do find the money you need it is always just enough and never more than enough for you to relax. You breathe a momentary sigh of relief, ‘Whew, survived this month’, but you cannot relax because the next month is on the horizon. To move out of survival you have to look at all of the images of your fear and seek the clues of information that are hidden within.

Each fear points to boundaries of your identity (who you think you are), and for this reason – because it is fear pointing to the boundary – you know it has been incorrectly set and is false. These boundaries can be judging yourself a failure, feeling like a victim or not good enough, always needing to prove yourself, having a lack of forgiveness for past mistakes, or people-pleasing in order to stay safe, and so on. In all cases your fear is telling you that you don’t have the capability to cope with the current situation. However, instead of recognising the area of growth that is being highlighted you retreat into the pattern of survival doing the same thing over and over again. Each fear that you experience points you in a different direction. Even those who are facing loss are guided by fear towards the support and love they seek.

Examine your fear. What does your inner self want you to acknowledge? What is it asking you to do?

  1. Fear acts as a warning sign. When you pay attention to your fear you will find a message. The message may be saying you don’t trust this person or situation. Listening to your fear allows your intuition to surface into your conscious mind.
  2. Fear signals your personal boundaries that are compromised. Your inner self wishes you to set these boundaries with others. Examine the intensity of your fear. If you have been reluctant to set these boundaries with your family, friends or colleagues (you may fear conflict or feel you lack the necessary skills of assertiveness through communication) your level of fear will increase until you pay atten-tion. The intensity of your fear will lead you to believe that you will be harmed emotionally, physically or spiritually if you do not act. Look at the skills you require to set your boundaries.
  3. Fear highlights aspects of self that are under developed. There may be aspects of your identity that are not fully developed. Your sense of self may not feel complete or strong due to undermining self-beliefs learned through your years of development. In this case your fear points you towards the boundaries of self you are ready to put into place. When you pay attention to your fear you will find the areas that are not fully formed, damaged by the inner critic, feelings of powerlessness, scarcity, not feeling good enough – areas that discon-nect you from Source.
  4. Fear motivates and directs the form of preparation required to help you move beyond the bubble of safety towards achieving what you want. Like all emotions your feelings of fear tell you what to do. Even when you are confused, procrastinating and lacking motivation to create change, your inner self may be using fear to motivate you and will guide you towards the right direction. For instance, fear propels you to study harder before exams, to create a business plan, to organise yourself, and so on.
  5. Fear acts as a precursor to mastery. Cross the barrier and your mind will be free. A new beginning awaits you.

Fear is an emotional signal that will not be ignored. It does not go away. Reflected in your fear are your values, what is important to you, the areas where you feel strong and where you do not. The fear represents a composite of yourself, your self-doubts, where you feel powerless. It lies rooted in what you feel you have no control over. All areas where there appears to be no route or solution available to you, or where someone else or nothing is in control will create fear. Always remember that the force – intensity – of your emotion (fear) is designed to make you act. If you do not pay attention to the information your fear has prepared for you or suppress the data, your mind will increase the amount of emotion supplied to the image/s (you now fear) and amplify your fear until you do act.

You are learning the skills to release the fear that underlies or overwhelms you. As you move beyond your fear and the protective band holding your safety bubble (and its limitations) in place, you may feel out of control in sight of a brave new world, fraught with the uncertainty and fear of loss. But if you only ever stay safe inside the bubble and never explore what is beyond, you will always experience a sense of loss – the loss of yourself. Releasing and dissolving your fear requires you to face what your fear means in order to connect to your core self. When you connect to (rather than avoid) the information within your fear, what the fear tells you about yourself, you will come to understand that your fear does not ask you to take unnecessary risks. Nor does it ask you to take risks for which you are not prepared. When you are connected into Source all fears dissipate. There is nothing more powerful. Once you act on your fear you will understand it has always been pointing you towards your Source and flow in order to fully embrace the journey of being yourself.

Celebrate that in choosing this card you have chosen to step outside your bubble and live beyond fear. You finally understand the treasure behind its gift – the ability to be who you were meant to be.