Drink in the Moment. Be Still to Enjoy the Sounds of Silence and the Sounds of the Natural World Calling to You

You are so very busy that your mind never stops. It is time to stop and reconnect to the beauty of nature. Feel the pulse and heartbeat of the world around you and reconnect to Source.

Your mind has a running list of everything you need to do. Wherever you are, driving or even relaxing at the beach, your mind is somewhere else preparing shopping lists, making sure you don’t forget what the children need or what you need to do at work the next day. Whatever happens internally is reflected externally. So if your mind never stops then your external world keeps racing as well. The phone is constantly buzzing for your attention, the children are running a never-ending marathon inside your house, and every day is an extra busy day at work. It’s time to STOP the cycle, reflect and enjoy your life.

You have chosen this card to remind you to enjoy the moment. Drink in the sounds, tastes and pleasures of each season, the warmth of the summer sun on your body, the freshness of the spring air, a cosy nook on a cold win-ter’s day, or the brilliant colours of autumn. Enjoy the exquisite moments of a conversation; the deep connection between two people; even the natural smell of your baby’s poo. Each exquisite moment around you becomes not of time but beyond time, a connection with the wonder of life and in that moment you find what you seek – a union with the divine.

Come take one moment – just for one moment in time – as a divine gift for you. Sit in your garden, on a beach or in a nature reserve. Take a seat on a bench in the local town square or the square of grass outside the office window and let your mind explore its surroundings. For this one moment give your mind full permission to let go of all its worries. Now look around you. Focus on a leaf or the movement of water. Contemplate the sound of children laughing and playing. Listen to birdsong around you and let the songs call to you as they call to other birds. Look at the beauty that surrounds you. Notice that everything glows with a pulsating energy. This energy is life. Touch the leaves, touch the grass or water and let the energy feed and nourish you and your spirit. As you deepen your awareness of your surroundings, your stressed mind will simply let go to become still.

If you wish, ask a Spirit Guide to keep you company. Invite them to show you the real world of love and its simplicity. For the moment, pause and let the world take your breath away. Now take the energy of the natural world around you back into your everyday life. Restore your connection to the Source energy of love through simple and quiet moments in time just for you.