Anger Management

We are often taught in early life that anger is a bad emotion. However all emotions are good emotions when we understand them, then it’s all in the way we react to them.

Use our guide to assess if you express anger effectively.

Is this you?

Do you experience any of the following

  • Road Rage
  • Are reactive if you are confused
  • Are reactive if your computer doesn’t work fast enough
  • Are reactive if you trip over the cat or your children’s toys
  • Feel rage if projects don’t go according to plan
  • Feel annoyed when surprised or disturbed suddenly
  • Defensiveness
  • Addictive behaviours such as shopping, gambling, drinking or eating
  • You can’t let go of obsessive thoughts
  • You don’t feel anger

When you are upset how do you react?

  • Shout
  • Whine and complain
  • Feel powerless
  • Throw things
  • Are rude to others
  • Lash out
  • Become silent
  • Rationalize others behaviours
  • Avoidance
  • You can’t let go of obsessive thoughts

If you checked any items in section one or two you are experiencing a form of anger. Anger is a stop gap feeling that enables you to recognise feelings that lie under the surface. Anger may be the signal you use to say ‘STOP’, or ‘I’M HURT’ or ‘I FEEL POWERLESS’, WE ARE IN TROUBLE HERE’ or it may signal ‘I FEEL BAD I DON’T HAVE A JOB’, I WORK REALLY HARD BUT STRUGGLE TO MAKE ENDS MEET’ or I’M AFRAID MY PARTNER IS ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE ELSE ( because I don’t feel good enough)’ .

If you are unable to recognise these feelings that lie beneath the surface, you may not understand the purpose of anger in your life and therefore may be unable to express it appropriately. Learning anger management techniques will help you to learn how to control your anger; however, here at the Diamond Process we believe the long term solution to anger within comes from understanding how your reactions identify the rules of limitation by which you live. With awareness you will come to understand that your angry reactions- that highlight your feelings of disempowerment – are all about YOU.

Firming and consolidating your sense of self is the key to releasing anger. Rather than deny that you suffer anger; sit in resentment and frustration or suppress your angry feelings; learn how to understand your form of anger. In understanding yourself, you will stop being the victim of the world around you, you will stop feeling overwhelmed by life and you will be able respond to life’s challenges effectively.

Learning the Diamond Process will help you to relate your anger to the inner voice that is ready to speak. Let the Diamond Process help you to tap into your inner wisdom and guidance, your true power.

The Diamond Process will help you to..

Discover the true Source of your anger
Learn simple tools to help you manage your anger and your world effectively
Discover the joy of listening and validation to resolve conflict.
Tap into the personal power that comes from acting instead of reacting
Learning powerful mindfulness techniques of Tuning In to you to release anxiety and stress effectively
Deepen your connection to your Spiritual core
Embrace the freedom and joy of being you.