Beat the line, not each other.

The wisest words sometimes come when we least expect it.

I was at the beach with my god daughter.  We were having a competition to see who could throw shells the furthest on Point Chev beach.  Little Miss 9 won the first couple of throws and did a little victory dance.  I followed her with a couple of winning pitches.

Our next throw wasn’t clear.  My god daughter walked over to the shells and called out, ‘it’s even’.  This happened 3 times; we picked our special shells and threw them, but we couldn’t out throw each other.   My god daughter was puzzled, she walked across to the shells, she checked their positions carefully, and then with her big toe she drew a line in the sand between them.

She looked up to me and called out, ‘Let’s beat the line instead of each other’.

That’s line to live your life by isn’t it?

Follow my goddaughters advice; stop worrying about your competitors (they are all the people who in your mind who are doing better than you) and beat your own line and score your own goals.

By the way, neither of us beat the line as our shells fell short.

My god daughter said to me ‘I hate this line.’

Beat the line not each other.