Listening to the Voice of Your Intuition


It’s a silly question but do you have any regrets?  We all regret events and their outcomes at some point. What do you regret, is it something you did or was it a case of misplaced trust, where you trusted someone or something when you knew better?

What did you say in your regret? I wished I had listened to myself; The signs were there all along; I saw the red flags, but thought it would be ok; give them a chance, I’m being judgmental; impatient, have to learn tolerance and so on.  At the foundation of regret is usually the feeling I wished I had listened to myself.

Regret like other feelings presents an opportunity to grow.

First off – forgive yourself.  You didn’t know how to listen to yourself and interpret how your body communicates with you.  At some point in the past you were taught how to override your inner voice and your feelings.  Don’t worry your regret holds all the information you need on how to listen to your intuitive self.

How do you learn to tap into your intuition?

The voice of intuition

  • For some people the voice of intuition is voice a bit like mind chatter it comes across as a voice – usually one that is gentle and quiet. For others the voice of intuition is based in their physical body, the person feels with their gut (instinct) or their heart. Other people see outcomes in the form of mental images and pictures.
  • Has a direct message that says ‘ I don’t want to do….’, I don’t feel safe with this person or I don’t like this person, I feel uncomfortable in this situation… I don’t feel respected; I don’t feel listened to, I don’t feel acknowledged and so on.
  • It has a feeling attached to the message. A red flag feeling is usually one of discomfort.  You will feel a lack of motivation, or start to rationalize why you stay in your situation.
  • Your feelings of discomfort will intensify if you don’t listen to the message. You will experience a lack of motivation and start justifying why you are staying in the same place, going ahead with your plans and so on.
  • Overall intuition is based in feelings- why you trust or don’t trust.

How does your body (or voice of intuition) communicate with you?

If you don’t know, focus on a past regret… how was the information conveyed to you?

What did you feel about your situation?

Why did you override your feelings?

Ultimately listening to your intuition is about listening to what you feel. Increasing your awareness of what you feel and clarifying why will allow you to take the actions that you inner self is guiding you towards.  Trust yourself and you will stop feeling regret.

Lucille Henry PhD.