Red Flags: How to trust your instinct


Everyone has their own red flags. I think of Red Flags as feelings sent by your intuitive self to listen and become aware. Red flags are a form of guidance showing you the mismatch between a situation and your expectations; or where a person’s words and actions don’t match; and a deadline isn’t met or payment isn’t fulfilled. Usually the red flag occurred earlier in the piece but you were not listening.

Below are questions that will help you to clarify what you feel and help you build trust in what you feel so that you can identify and listen to your Red Flags and act on them appropriately.

  1. When you meet someone for the first time, what do they talk about? Do they acknowledge you or themselves?
  2. Is the other person aware of your response to what they say?

Are they aware of your feelings?

  1. Does what you hear make sense to you?
  2. Can the person do what they teach?
  3. Do they need you too much –you feel an underlying pressure?
  4. Is the situation or person open and transparent? After speaking to them what do you know about them?
  5. Is the person or situation trustworthy? Gauge how you feel to understand how to trust.
  6. What does the person present from their past, are they the victims or do they present both sides of a story? Do they take responsibility for what they did?
  7. Who does the person blame?
  8. Does the person complain a lot?
  9. Money has its own information – what story do the books, or finances tell you?
  10. If you feel someone just wants your money? Why do you feel that way?

The questions are designed to help you understand and become aware of the sub text of someone else’s story.  If you don’t understand the subtext you are likely to engage in the other person’s story and it will eventually become your story.

Trust your Red Flags and act on them even if they don’t make sense.  You will find a new sense of trust in yourself and your world.

Lucille Henry PhD.